Up-Coming Events 
22 2019 Thursday Night Pennant Round 6
Aug Starts 7.30pm
22 2019 Thursday Morning Pennant Round 6
Aug All levels welcome. Starts 10am. Teams of 2 playing 4 singles & 1 doubles. Best of 3 games up to 21 points. $11 per round.
23 2019 Junior Pennant Round 4
Aug 6pm-7.30pm for B/C Grade, 7.30pm onwards for A Grade
24 2019 MSTT Saturday Group Coaching
Aug 0930-1130. Lead coach: Mark Smythe
24 2019 CDTTA Saturday Group Coaching
Aug 1130-1330. Lead coach: Frank Pearce
26 2019 Autumn Club Pennant Round 4
Aug Play starts at 7.30pm
26 2019 Monday Morning Pennant Round 7
Aug All levels welcome. Starts 10am. Teams of 2 playing 4 singles & 1 doubles. Best of 3 games up to 21 points. $11 per round.
27 2019 Sporting Schools Junior Group Coaching
Aug 5.30-6.30pm. Beginners welcome. Join in for free!
28 2019 Wednesday Night Pennant Round 7
Aug Starts 7.30pm
Current News
2019 Australian Junior Championships 
 Monday, 15 July 2019
Another Junior Nationals concluded on 13 July, and we are sure there were plenty of excitement, drama and action over the course of the week. Firstly, we would like to wish all the Victorian players for their efforts, be it becoming a National Champion, winning a medal, winning a big match, or attending your first Nationals.

The efforts that you all go to in trying to have really successful Nationals should not be undervalued. For the 18 Croydon players competing, we celebrate your successes that you had and we hope that you can walk away from these championships knowing you did your best.

Croydon had 9 players attending their first Nationals: Winuk Rathnasinghe, Anthony Silk, Darlene Ding, Joshua Ding, Navik Rathnasinghe, Jasleen Narang, Stephanie Wu, Genuka Mapa and Inaaya Khan. I wish to make special mention of Inaaya, as though this has been her first nationals, it’s actually her third attempt to play, as the first two attempts were thwarted by bad timing and a broken playing finger.

We had success over most ages and genders from a spread of players, some first timers, others, “veterans”.

U11 – The Boys' Team finished a gallant 4th with both Joshua Ding & Navik Rathnasinghe in the team, Genuka Mapa played really well in the President’s team. The Girls' Team did even better and brought home the Silver medal which had Victoria Zhang playing. Jasleen Narang was in the “B” team. Lucas Lum won the Bronze medal in the Boys' doubles.

U13 – The Boys' Team won Silver, with Lucas Lum & Justin Kwan in the team. Matthew Shi was in the “B” team.
The Girls' Team also won Silver, with Valentine Chew and Inaaya Khan in the team. Darlene Ding was in the “B” team. Lucas Lum also walked away with Bronze medal in the mixed doubles.

U15 – The Boys' B Team included Anthony Silk, and managed 12th spot. In the individuals, Nicholas Lum was able to get Silver Medal in the Mixed Doubles.

U18 – The Boys' team played well and were able to get the Silver medal, we had Ethan Lim & Nicholas Lum playing in that team. Winuk Rathnasinghe was in the “C” team and they were able to finish 7th. Stephanie Wu was in the President's team and she performed well, though against strong State teams, it is always going to be difficult.

You may have noticed, I have left a few results out, but thought to leave that to the end of this report.

National Champions U18 Girls' Team – back to back Gold Medals, the team consisted of Kenzi Gardner, Ellen Walker, Parleen Kaur & Michelle Wu. Whilst three of the girls play elsewhere now, at some stages they have all been Croydon members, so well done girls on a great result and also special mention to Mackenzie and Michelle who played their final Junior Nationals.

U11 Boys' & U15 Boys' Singles – in what of another history making moment, two brothers won a National Singles title at the same Nationals, something that has never happened before. Congratulations to Nicholas & Lucas Lum in achieving this “first”.

U15 Boys' Doubles, U18 Boys' Doubles, U18 Mixed Doubles – Nicholas Lum (enough said).

–Greg Bristowe
Croydon Member Subsidies 
 Tuesday, 14 May 2019
Croydon members play table tennis for social or competitive reasons. Those members who play competitive table tennis can aim to represent their State or Country at National or International events. The CDTTA BOM aims to recognise, reward and support these players through subsidies as outlined in several policies, whilst also acknowledging these players as ambassadors for the association and encouraging their participation at the association.

The following subsidies may be awarded to players if they meet the Criteria as outlined in the following documents.

National Representative 

State Representative Senior
Croydon Junior Squad - 2019 
 Saturday, 26 January 2019
We would like to announce the Croydon Junior Squads for 2019. This year, we have 3 Junior squads with players of various levels of development. We are proud to have these players represent Croydon at State tournaments and wish them all the best in their pursuit of making State Teams.

Elite - Mackenzie Gardner (Capt), Ethan Lim (Vice Capt), Jason Qin, Nicholas Lum

Sub-Elite - Lucas Lum, Richard Evans, Valentine Chew, Inaaya Khan, Justin Kwan

Development - Winuk Rathnasinghe, Ryan Tran, Shonit Puri, Stephanie Wu, Victoria Zhang 

We would like to congratulate all players for making the squad. There is still a few spots available in the Development squad and once these positions are filled, we shall announce these players.
Croydon Games Records 
 Sunday, 30 December 2018
Croydon Games records have now been updated for 2018, you can search for your name in the lists provided. Look under the "Historical" menu for Player Games
2019 Pennant Entry Forms 
 Saturday, 15 December 2018
All entry forms for the next season of your favourite pennant are now up on the website, click on the top menu under "Entry Forms".
2018 Annual Practice Pass 
 Monday, 5 February 2018
Got the table tennis bug but don't want to fork out for table hire every single time? Invest in the Annual Practice Pass for $290. This entitles Practice Pass holders to table use on:

Tuesday Nights 7.00pm – 9.30pm
Saturdays 9.00am – 2.00pm
Sundays 9.00am – 3.00pm

- as well as access to spare tables for the rest of 2018 whenever the Centre is open*.

You can pay by direct deposit, cheque, or at the Centre by EFTPOS or cash. Please see the application form for details.

*Please note that table priority goes to competition, coaching and open nights - check the CDTTA homepage for opening times and Pennant/other event dates, particularly tournaments, and Monday nights and Wednesday nights when the stadiums are full and unavailable for practice.
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